Update on Reopening of School (COVID-19)

Die Anker school will reopen on the 8th of  June 2020. The gates will open at 7:00 for N-course, ECD-girls and Skills Level 4 learners. NO other learners will be allowed entry until further notice. Dates for the phasing in of other year groups will be communicated in due time.  Adequate screening will be done and all possible precautions are in place to ensure the safety of of our learners.  Please be rest assured that everything possible will be done for your child’s protection. School closes at 13:30 for N- and ECD learners and at 13:45 for Skills Level 4 learners.

Remember your mask! 


Skool heropen 8 Junie SLEGS vir N-Seuns, ECD-Dogters en Skills Level 4 leerlinge.   Slegs een ingang (by die fietsloods) sal reeds om 7:00 oopmaak.  GEEN ander leerlinge mag reeds aanmeld nie.  Die res van die skool sal per sms, betyds, die datum vir terugkeer in ‘n amptelike sms ontvang.  Alle leerlinge sal by die hek ‘screening’.
Ons verseker u alles moontlik is gedoen om u kind veilig te hou. Skool kom 13:30 uit vir N- en ECD leerlinge en 13:45 vir Skilsl Level 4 leerlinge.

Onthou om jou masker te dra.